Saturday, May 7, 2011

Port Townsend

Thanks to the support of many, we're here in Port Townsend, the show is open, and word is beginning to spread. I'm specifically grateful for the support of the following people:
  • Steve and Elaine Bailey, who invited me here, and are providing our accommodation, as well as helping with the various needs of installing the show. We have found kindred spirits in Port Townsend!
  • Kate Burke, at Fort Worden State Park, who facilitated our use of the space for the show.
  • Phil and Brent of Coast Lumber, in Burlington, WA, who donated the wood for the stands, including milling to to perfection and helping load it on our vehicle while the kids happily watched.
  • Lena at the Bowen Building Centre, on Bowen Island, who, when border regulations prevented her donating wood for the show, happily donated the many nuts, bolts and washers needed for the stands, instead.
The Peninsula Daily News did a front-page story about the installation. It has quite a few inaccuracies, but I was glad to have some exposure. Already 2 women came by today, saying they'd come because of the article. Read it here.

Some photos:
Picking up the wood with help from Brent at Coast Lumber.
Fort Worden, Building 204.
...up the stairs...
The show is installed in an old dorm room, where we can make use of beautiful light from the many windows.

Breakfast in the Bailey's house!

The children spent many hours exploring Fort Worden while I set up and hosted the show. The Castle on the right is Alexander Castle, built by a Scot for his wife, who then decided she couldn't handle the isolation, and they moved back to town...
I haven't had many visitors, yet, and have only conducted one interview so far, but among the beautiful comments I've received about the show was the following:

"Lovely and Real! i enjoy the rawness of it - the complication and complexity of this special relationship. it has a similar feeling of realness and rawness as a Glenn Close portrait exhibit I saw a few years ago. Thank - very palpable exhibit." -- Elizabeth, Port Townsend