Monday, January 25, 2010

Progress Report!!

The paintings are coming along faster than I expected; I'll have them finished by the end of March. Currently my studio is wearing a bunch of the completed portraits on the walls, and it's great to see how it will all come together (thankfully, as planned!).

Performance rehearsals: We did a bone-dry run with all the sheets a while back and took some videos of the very rough idea-slinging, half-attendance experiments!! (Posted, below...)

T-Shirts! The t-shirt design is pretty much done. I've done two designs that I think could work, but this (wings, to the right)  is the one favoured by 100% of the 50 or so people I've asked:

PR: I'm looking into getting sponsorship for the clothing we'll wear, and bringing the show to galleries in Vancouver, Victoria, and possibly the Netherlands. I'll be able to bring the performance to Vancouver, and possibly in a slightly different form to Victoria, but I'm also going to film the show, so that it can be shown in combination with the exhibition, when it goes abroad. If you have any suggestions for venues, do email me at moontree (at) telus (dot) net.

*UPDATE: With encouragement from some artist-friends in various countries, I'm now also looking into France, Switzerland, Germany and Los Angeles.

This is about inspiring and connecting mothers, and mothers live everywhere. So I'd like to get the show out there.

Here are some more details of the sheet-paintings:

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  1. This looks like an amazing project! I'll have to check back this spring for progress reports. Always good to run across other artist-mamas dealing with the balance in such a visceral way.