Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Next MAMA Project Interviewing Tour

The tour has been planned for months, already, with a few interviewees already selected, but I'm now full-swing in the management process for this.

From May 26 - June 18th I'll be traveling the length of the US Pacific Coast, interviewing as I go, with at least one partial MAMA-presentation along the way. Depending upon where I can find accommodation sponsorships, this may change, but for now this is the list of major stops (with a few day-stops, elsewhere):

Crescent City & surrounding communities
Mill Valley (where my mother lived as a child!)
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego

If you are a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, or mother-to-be, live somewhere along this route, and you would like to be interviewed for the MAMA Project, please don't hesitate to contact me: themamaproject at gmail dot com. An interview normally takes between 1 and 2 hours, and all portraits, voice-recordings, and painted quotations used in the MAMA installation are anonymous. There is no financial remuneration for interviewees, but there is the knowledge that you have added your feeling and voice to a wonderful, progressive symphony of mothers.

*As well as interviewees, I am looking for complimentary lodging for myself, my husband, and two children, at each of the locations listed. If you have a spare room to offer, or know of someone who does, we'd be happy to hear about it! Sponsors are listed on my website, as well as in media pertaining to the trip, and any hotels, inns, or B&B's that offer complimentary accommodation will be reviewed on my parenting blog, Rickshaw Unschooling.

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